miércoles, 5 de septiembre de 2007

Without Internet!!!

Yesterday I had a bad day!! Well to start with the wrong things, here´s what happend this monday:

I woke up at 7:30am and you all know me, for me that is a sacrifice!!! jejeje but that wasn´t the problem, I had an interview for a possible job so I went to the lic. (down there i saw Luis so I said Hi and I continue my journey) and guess what!! (what always happen in Mexico) he wasn´t there, actually he didn´t go to work!! so I left a little sad from you know where.

But to be more worst, this Tuesday I had a problem in the computer, suddenly I couldn´t access to Internet and I was downloading a Ghotic cd, and the Mogwai Peel Session that recomend Oscar but since that moment until now I could get thru!!! (So guess what?? I´m downloading the cd of Mogwai, I hope nothing happen).

Also my friend Genaro had a bad day, he was doing an essay about his life, and poems, and other things but when he send his lap to arrange some things, it was all gone, so he have to start all over again, what a fucking day!!! ja?

But the only good thing is that I have lost 5 in 14 days!!! I hope tomorrow I would have a more gratyfing notice!!

3 comentarios:

Androide_9 dijo...

yeah frank , yesterday was a fucking day for lost my essay, I understand to you reason why you also happened, but I will try to coninue to write my essay.... be happy, Cheer Up Brother!! ;)

Anónimo dijo...

I know is sad when you have something planed and comes around in the total opposite way, but the good thing is that mi brother knows always how to recover from things like this, and if not remember I'm here for everything you need don't hesitate never.
Love ya Lita

Rosita dijo...

Que nice se siente que alguien te cuide siempre, que si me estorba? Para nada... mientras todo sea hecho con amor.

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