miércoles, 19 de septiembre de 2007

Time goes fast!!

Today was a good and useful day!!!
I wanted to write in english to keep using my other language (I hope it doesn´t bother).

To start I had fun with the game of Barcelona accompanied with my father, we both celebrate the victory 3-0 against Lyon who defeated R. Madrid the 2 last champions Leagues and after that, the game of Inter but I didn´t like that one, they were defeated.

We talked about a lot of things to do in the future, also I received the notice from Faride, she is going to help me in something, but she live in León so I´m gonna have to go there and she was so kind, is going to help me in every doubts I could have.

I had a little talk with my mother about the weird things in life and some other stuffs.

I saw the end of seasons 6 of "24", that was great!!! I already have seen the 6 full seasons!!!

I had the fortune to read all the comments that my sister Dely wrote me today so I had a good, good afternoon and evening reading all of them, those comments even took me some tears of croccodiles, laughs and joys, a lot of joys!!

Another good thing that I hope to be real is that tomorrow I will have the permision to put my car in my street without paying anything to that fuc... parking lots!!! But I prefer to wait to see what the woman says tomorrow.

I also had the pleasure to keep reading!!!

2 comentarios:

Anónimo dijo...

The pleasure is mine sweet brother, and it was very exiting to know how you think, who won't be so proud of having a brother like you, I miss you like crazy, how sad is that I can't share that time with my two big men.

Rosita dijo...

I'm gonna start asking things that leave me "chifling en la loma". jaja As always.

Is so nice you have such a great communication with your mother. I hope I could visit her someday, do you think she likes wine?

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