sábado, 22 de diciembre de 2007

Full Reunion & Aris Wedding!!

First of all I started the day with a passible moment without knowing that my mom prepared a enjoyable breakfast, but what can I do, I love my sleeping time!!

Few minutes later Gonza told me that my sister Fabiola will be arriving at 1pm so I decided to take a refreshing bath because we don´t have any cold time around here (I hate that, we people are changing the curse of life, the weather is crazy!!).

At lunch time we ate beautiful flautes of meet and mashed potatoe with pepper, also a very good salad of pineapple... I almost forget the rice, it was great, with tomatoe and red and green sauce to put the cherry in the cake!!! But let´s not forget the beverages, they had a coke, I took a Sprite.

Exactly when we finished, someone suddenly appears!! yes it was Santiago with Faby and Santi, Dely met Santi, Gonza and little Faby were so enthusiastic with the cousin. We laugh, some jokes of my father, Gonza playing with Santiago, Faby with Faby!! My mom in the kitchen washing the dishes, Pedro and Dely talking with my father and I was playing with Angie. How is that?? everybody doing something.

Full house, joy and happiness!!! Great time of the year!!

The most annoying moment was at the watch!! the changing time!!! yes the part you decide what to use for the wedding, everybody went mad, someone in one room, some others at the hall, few more in the bathroom, but in the head of everybody just one thing... get ready the fastest they can, to be on time.

Nobody knew how we made it, but we arrived to the church in Lomas del Valle where Ariana were married, the classic hughs, blessings and let's move to the party!!

I followed my aunt to get to the place, I didn't knew the place so I did it that way, at the back of the happy car was Santiago following me (so it was sort of troop trip), we were like going to Ags. (the road where the Morenada was, do you remember Carlos?).

The entrance was very interesting and atractive but the party room was sort of weird thing, the lights were like some of the people use to maintain the chicken warm, the roof made of metal plate, the service of the people of that place called "Versailles" (don't you never rent this place!! I mean it!!) were very bad, they put to some tables tableclothes, but a half without it (we didn't have tableclothes).

We ate, we talked, the classic bals, almost everybody of the family danced. At that moment my grandma and aunts were gone, even my aunt Irma with her family. Some minutes later that I chat with Pepe my cousin, my aunt Alicia and uncle José decided to go!! Dely and Faby continued dancing with Pedro and Santiago, well even my mom and aunt Luli were dancing, who else??? yes!!! Gonza, little Faby and Dani. You all guess right, I didn't want to dance!!

At the moment we went back to the house, we took Faby and Santiago to the other place and they'd like it!!!

Have a good sunday!!!

Por cierto tambien este día fue cumple de la peque Faby quien cumplio 2 añotes!!!

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oscareque dijo...

Shhhhh eso es nivel, me hizo recordar la serie full house. El poderoso coche feliz y ese lugar de que nunca había escuchado nada.

Lo mejor de todo: que se la pasaron bien machin!!! eso está a todo dar.

Como está eso de nino jejeje, eso si es novedad para que veas, esperemos que su mamá no haga de las suyas, imaginate que algún día te marque su mamá preguntando por él, estaría jocoso.

Bien compa, eso es ganador, disfruta de éstos días.. me ando poniendo al tiro recogiendo aquí para después irme al cine.

Saludo, ah!!! y saludame a toda la palomilla n_n

Anónimo dijo...

I'm glad that all of you are happy, and about the party wy didn't you dance you are like pepe. Say hi to Faby and Santiago and tell then to send me pictures of joaquinsito please.


zarco dijo...

Yes Clau I will, than I will send it to your mail!!

Anónimo dijo...

Pues mira que cosas mi Franky, revivi el momento de todo aquello y perdon que te lo recuerde pero te falto agregar aquel mousse de Fresa heee que bueno parecia de fresa con platano jaja, pero lo bueno fue la reunion y estar todos juntos.

blackeagle-italiano dijo...

si Dely, lo olvide jejeje

Ese mousse estaba riquisimo!!! me gusto mucho!!

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